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Brett Triantafillou

Brett Triantafillou started working behind the scenes of film and TV as an intern for Artist@Work as a Scenery Carpenter just after graduating from The Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2000. He acquired the trade of property assistant as well as set designer on such projects as the WaWa Trade Show and small feature films as well as music videos and commercial spots.

His passion for film and TV began at an early age, sitting with his father watching “Clash of the Titans” he found his true passion. In more recent years he has turned his attention to screenplays. He began writing short stories and poems at a young age. What started as a hobby has led him to his true calling.

Writing, directing and video editing is Brett’s main goals now. With his experience behind the camera he will use what he has learned in combination with Cinema Alliance on his side helping make his dreams a reality.

Brett can be emailed at: brett@cinema-alliance.com