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Friends of the Alliance

Jeff Cuellar - As a camera operator, Jeff works on many projects in the Philadelphia area ranging from music videos to movies. He works with Uncut Productions along with Jena. Jeff's also known as DJ Brown and does steadicam work. He lent his skills for shooting to the production of Disturbing Images.

Doug Johnson - Doug owns and operates Rebel Production Associates. Doug was kind enough to allow CA to use his studio space to conduct auditions. Doug is a talented motion graphic, 3D and special effects designer. His company has worked on numerous projects that span from commercials to independent films.

Norm Macera - Norm was involved in the production of Disturbing Images as he wrote the script, played the role of the main character (Helmut K.) and also worked as a producer. Norm is a talented writer, actor and director. Through his own production company (Dark Universe) he has a number of credits to his name including Murder Below the Line, The Strike Zone and more. Recently, he's written a script for Willie Nelson entitled Shoot Out of Luck.

Kat Reilly - Kat owns the Halcyon Gallery and Kat's Eye Studio. Her gallery was the primary shooting location of Disturbing Images. Kat has her own photography studio and is also an organizer for various artist groups in the Philadelphia area. She is currently building a new cultural arts center in northeast Philadelphia. Sean McKnight from Cinema Alliance and others are working with Kat to help develop the center's new location and the organization's structure.

Carmen Sarlo - Carmen acted as a camera operator for the production of Disturbing Images. Carmen continues to shoot for various movie projects in the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas.

Jena Serbu - Jena worked on Disturbing Images as a camera operator. She runs her own production company called Uncut Productions in the Philadelphia area. Jena has several credits to her name including: Eye of the Tiger Thrill of the Fight, Billville and Pas de Lumiere (which was shot for the 48 Hour Film Challenge).

Hedy Sirico - Hedy is a talented graphic designer known for a work with Philadelphia Magazine among other artistic projects in the Philadelphia area. Hedy lent her skills on a number of Cinema Alliance including her set design work on Disturbing Images and graphic design with Cry of the City Part 1: The Legend of Cornbread.

Clement Smith - Clement acted in Disturbing Images as well working as a production assistant and boom operator out of his love for knowledge and learning. He also lended his extensive marketing skills to the picture while doing consulting work for CA. Clement is a world-class marketing and project strategist (literally! he has Switzerland as a client) for his day job but contiues to explore acting in various local productions.

Sean and Brett

Sean McKnight and Brett Triantafillou on set
Photo by Drew Kohler