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History of Cinema Alliance

Cinema Alliance was formed in April of 2005 by Sean McKnight. The company started simply as Sean, a DV camera, and a Macintosh. CA was formed for the purpose of producing feature length movies and documentaries.

After pre-production started on the company's first feature (Disturbing Images), CA began to expand, incorporating the talents of Hedy Sirico. Hedy's graphic design skills have helped to elevate the marketing materials, package designs and set designs of CA's projects.

CA continues to grow in terms of enlisting more and more talented individuals who lend their skills to the company's productions (be sure to visit the Friends of CA page).

Cinema Alliance's production studio has evolved adding new equipment and software such as Panasonic DVX cameras, the Canon GL2, a Manfrotto tripod, the Apple Production Suite (which includes Final Cut Pro), Adobe's After Effects, the Adobe Creative Suite, and various microphones and lighting equipment.

CA's Disturbing Images was finished in May of 2006. Cry of the City Part 1: The Legend of Cornbread (a documentary) was completed in April of 2007. Since that time, numerous short films and a music video have also been produced. More productions are in the works with a number of documentaries, shorts and features currently in development.

Brett and Sean

Brett Triantafillou and Sean McKnight on set with model
Photo by Drew Kohler