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Sean McKnight

August of 2012 marked my 25th year of working professionally in the entertainment field. I was 17 when I started in radio in 1987 and from there moved into television, followed by the music industry and now the movie industry. I've also been peforming as a live performer since 17 as well starting by playing in bands and other music events as a bass player and hand drummer. I eventually moved into fire performance as a fire dancer and fire breather. I've had the distinct honor of working with many amazing artists over my 25 years and I look forward to what we accomplish over the next 25 years. I just want to thank everyone I've had the privilege to work with and to say how grateful I am to have the support of family, friends and fans. Thanks again for being a big part of the ride!



After seeing Star Wars at a movie theater in 1977, Sean McKnight was bit by the movie bug. In 8th grade he made his first movie, a stop animation piece that was prompted by his art teacher as a class project and his venture into making movies began... Sean went on to form Cinema Alliance in the hopes of bringing together artists from different disciplines to create compelling movies and documentaries.

Prior to CA (and after his 8th grade debut) Sean worked  for a number of TV stations in different capacities ranging from camera work and master control to editing and graphics. His professional career expanded into working on national and regional television shows, producing national commercials for a record label as well as the development of 2 of his own music video shows. He later moved into creating experimental video pieces which were shown in various outlets including performances with his own band as well as public art events and art galleries in a number of cities.

sean mcknight His career includes shooting and producing commercials, PSAs, weddings, litigation videos, music videos, industrials, live events and corporate videos. He’s been involved in various movie projects since 1991 and has worked on several feature films, documentaries and over 50 short /experimental films.

Sean has other interests in the art and film communities...He is an accomplished musician and fire performer (fire breathing and fire dancing) and has been a regional contact for Burning Man. He has served as a board member of an arts center in Philadelphia called the Fortress of the Arts and acted as organizer of the Philadelphia Film Industry Meetup Group. Sean currently facilitates a producer’s group called The Producers Association of Philadelphia. Additionally, his professional background includes numerous book and magazine credits contributing as a writer and working as a video instructor at several colleges.

Sean functions as producer, director, writer, cinematographer, editor and motion graphics designer for the projects of Cinema Alliance. He is the company's president and has over 24 years of production experience.

When not working on movies, Sean teaches classes, contributes to books, and produces instructional videos on a number of software programs including After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro and more for American Graphics Institute.

Sean is a member of a number of prominent organziations around the Philadelphia area including: The Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association (PIFVA), The Producers Association of Philadelphia (PAP), The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival (PIFF) and the Pennsylvania Film Industry Assocation (PaFIA).

Sean can be emailed at: sean@cinema-alliance.com

Sean can be found on IMDB here: Sean McKnight IMDB

Some footage shot by Mitch Martinez of me firebreathing. This was sort of an experimental shoot for Mitch's reel. It's only about a minute long, but the detail of the RED camera Mitch uses is amazing! Keep an eye out during the second burst, there was some kickback due to the wind picking up and my hair caught on fire briefly. You can see my head smoking...

Some beautiful shots, enjoy!


Sean firebreathing on South Street in Philadelphia
as part of the Day of the Dead Festival