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Disturbing Images - The Story of Helmut K.


Helmut K. believing that modern art having lost what he called God's perspective set out to create a new art form entitled PERVERSIONISM. In denying the perverse nature of man the soul is made corrupt. Through careful footing and unchaining oneself from societal confines which bind, one may find the way once more.

Disturbing Images follows the life of Helmut K., the creator of schlock cinema, who has turned his meager talents onto the world of photography. In the wake of his disastrous exploits, where lives have been destroyed, and backers left in financial ruin he is unable to find anyone to support his churning out of incredibly bad films. To stay afloat Helmut K. begins to create an odd assortment of tasteless and disturbing photos, thus turning himself into a monumental cult figure. It is controversy that sells and these photos sell big at the same time igniting tempers. When a disturbing photo of Helmut's comes under fire from a right wing religious group he fights back in the only way he knows how... He creates more controversy by seducing a member of a religious group into a life style of decadence and ultimately having him pose for one of the Master's outrageous photos. Helmut K. once more sets the fires ablaze which has made him so unpopular with many people, and ultimately leads him into dangerous waters.

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disturbing images

The protest scene - Disturbing Images