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We're proud to announce the initial cast and crew for Jane!

Jane - Victoria Gates
Debra - Rachel Mazzagatti
Eric - Kenneth McGregor
Ross - Michael Scalzitti
TBA - Vinny Vella
Dr. Nickels - Susan Moses

Also including:
Brian Anthony Wilson
Frank Williams
Tony Devon

Sean McKnight - Writer, producer, director, editor
Sonny Vellozzi - Producer
Robert Bizik - Producer
Scott Kaufman - Director of Photography
Paul Zerman - Music Supervisor
Jason Sible- Executive Producer
Michael Williams - Executive Producer
Jackie Borock - Legal Council
John Croce - Associate Producer
Dana Michael - Associate Producer


The story of Jane focuses on a woman who’s broken, her life shattered, her mind scarred by an abusive father ultimately leading to the creation of a brutal serial killer...

Jane’s tale unfolds through her nightmare flashbacks, her murderous conquests, the relationship with her lover, and with the detectives trying to track her down and stop the killing spree.

Her goal is simple, end the pain that torments her by destroying the thing that destroyed her: her father and the memories of him that haunt her imagination. The only way she finds the peace she craves is to seek out men that embody her father’s image and end their lives in the same manner as her father’s ended, at the edge of a knife...


Music for the trailer provided courtesy of Karma To Burn, club location courtesy of Daydreams in Philadelphia.


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