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Sinners Moon




Frank Horror and Cinema Alliance present Sinner's Moon.

Danny Lamego, Jr, Marie Laure, Abby Foster, Emily Bennett, John Groody, Jeni Miller, Julie Stackhouse, Scott Lehman

Sean McKnight - Producer, Executive Producer
Frank Juchniewicz - Executive Producer, Writer, Director
Jeni Miller - Producer
Emily Bennett - Producer


You have been marked by the moon.

Mutual dreams - the experience of two or more people sharing
the same dreams. Until now, Joe Sedgwick had never heard of mutual dreams — that is, until he started experiencing them
with his mistress, Addie Mainard. As their shared dreams sour
and take on a more ominous, nightmarish tone, Joe races to discover what evil lurks behind the dreams and how to stop it before it’s too late.

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