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Spoon Test Factory

About the Filmmakers -

Mike Gray
Although Mike Gray has been making films since he was a kid, he began officially at Albright College under the tutelage of Gary Adlestein. Since this time he has been involved with numerous short films and has worked on fictional, documentary, music video and experimental projects. Mike holds his Ph.D. from the University of Essex in Colchester, England, where his
dissertation focused on Southern American writer William Faulkner and his Hollywood screenplays.

Tim Gray
Over the seven years Tim Gray has been involved with film, he has been a producer, promoter, soundman, actor, cameraman, editor, script doctor, web-designer, composer and technician. A tour de force of creativity and yin to his brother's yang, Tim has also worked extensively with filmmaker Meggie Miao. Currently Tim is completing his Ph.D. in plasma physics at Princeton University.

Please visit their website Protozoic to see their latest projects.


gray brothers
Tim and Mike Gray