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Cinema Alliance is proud to announce an addition to the staff! Brett Triantafillou has joined the ranks of CA and will be lending his talents to the company's production efforts.

Disturbing Images has been added to the film database Film Q. Public feature of the Films At the Sedgwick Website. You can vote for Disturbing Images to get a screening at the theater by clicking here: Film Q. Public - Disturbing Images just fill in your name and e-mail address and hit the Add to Q! button.

Cinema Alliance is proud to announce that we'll be starting to represent other artists! The company will be releasing a variety of projects in the coming months from a number of independent filmmakers. Keep visitng our Website for updated release information.


Disturbing Images has been listed as a Top Seller through

Sean McKnight was recently interviewed by the New York Times along with a number of other filmmakers about the issue of film festivals.

The new Cinema Alliance Website has been launched! More pictures, articles, videos and information will be added to the Website each month, so be sure to keep visiting us often! More pictures for both Disturbing Images and Cry of the City have been posted to help expand and celebrate the new Website.


Disturbing Images has been accepted into The Big Damn Film Festival as well as the Lancaster Film Festival. Click here for dates and locations: Disturbing Images


Sean McKnight was recently interviewed by about the making of Disturbing Images.

A new Cinema Alliance Website is in development, keep an eye out here on this page for information about the new site launch!

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published a story about the CA documentary Cry Of The City - The Legend Of Cornbread.


The Official Helmut K. Website has been launched! Helmut K. is the subject of Disturbing Images. The Website is still a work in progress, so you'll want to come back and check it out from time to time as it will be updated with new information, photos, and more! Click here to check it out: Helmut K. Website

Interview excerpts from the documentary Cry Of The City - The Legend Of Cornbread have been posted online. Click here to view them: Video excerpts from the documentary


CA is premiering our first feature-length movie, Disturbing Images on August 19th in Philadelphia.


CA is proud to annouce that Disturbing Images is being distributed online by Hayden Films. DI hasn't been posted online just yet but will be very soon, we'll be posting download info as soon as it's available!


Production for Disturbing Images is complete. Look for release information to be announced soon!


Be sure to check out The Philadelphia Filmmakers, Actors, & Screenwriters Syndicate! The meetings take place every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30pm at Kat's Eye Studio. The location is 3237 Amber St., Philadelphia on the 3rd floor. This event is also be a pot-luck dinner, so bring snacks, drinks, whatever you'd like to contribute in addition to your business cards for schmoozing purposes! If you'd like to join the Syndicate online, please visit this link: Philadelphia Filmmakers, Actors & Screenwriters Syndicate

Disturbing Images is nearing completion!!! Keep an eye out here for release date and screening information!


Cinema Alliance has partnered up with Kat Reilly from Halcyon Gallery to help coordinate The Philadelphia Filmmakers, Actors, & Screenwriters Syndicate.

We meet every 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:30pm at the Halcyon Gallery (3237 Amber St., Philadelphia). The meeting consists of a number of different groups of people including filmmakers, actors, writers, musicians, fashion designers as well as a group of photographers.

There are a number of projects that are beginning to emerge as a result of these gatherings. However, the meetings are not completely based on the projects at hand; we'll be conducting discussions about issues that come up related to being an artist and talking about business. These meetings will be a good place to hand out business cards, headshots and résumés . It's also a good opportunity for actors to talk to photographers about headshots, for photographers to recruit models for shoots, for musicians to meet filmmakers and vice-versa. In other words, for people to meet from different areas of art and for everyone to benefit from the connections made.

We're trying to build a significant network for everyone to take advantage of, so please spread the word! If anyone has any questions, they're more than welcome to e-mail Sean McKnight.


Cinema Alliance is proud to announce the partnering of CA and Hedy Sirico. CA is excited about enlisting the design and production talents of Ms. Sirico for the development of future projects.


CA is happy to announce its launch as of April 1, 2005! Yep! Our anniversary is April Fool's day!

Look for information regarding our upcoming releases in the Projects area of the website.

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